Maintenance or In Locations That

After purchasing Team Group’s product, if consumers have the following problems and require maintenance for the purchased product, Team Group recommends the following scheme in order to help you successfully eliminate the usage problems:
Look up the problem at the product FAQ
Consumers can visit Team Group’s website, and look up the product FAQ to preliminary identify and solve the anomalies.
Through the original purchase dealer
You can directly send the product that requires maintenance back to the original dealer where it was purchase from, and ask the dealer to help send the product back to Team Group for maintenance. Team Group will send the product back to the dealer within 7 working days after receiving the product from the dealer, and the dealer will notify you to pick up the product. This does not apply under certain special occasions.
Contact Team Group customer service centers
You can directly contact Team Group customer service centers, and customer service personnel will provide you with the most thoughtful service:
Consumer toll-free service hotline: 0800-821-688
Service hours: Monday ~ Friday; 09:00 AM ~ 12:30 PM and 13:30 PM ~ 18:00 PM (closed on public holidays)
For non-working hours, please use the website’s Online Query Center, and leave an online message to the customer service personnel.
Fill out an online maintenance application
If you wish to further send your Team Group product in for maintenance, you may go to the RMA maintenance application and download the RMA form Please fill in the application with detail information such as methods to contact the customer / product specification and a description of the malfunction …etc., then print out the maintenance application form and send it along with the product back to Team Group customer service center either by express mail, registered mail or home delivery. The Team Group customer service personnel will complete the product maintenance within 7 working days after receiving your product with the completed maintenance application form, and will send your product back to the address you specified as express-registered mail. This does not apply under certain special occasions.